1 October 2020

Drakensberg Hikes Newsletter #23

Meander Hut, Giant's Castle

Drakensberg Contour Path, Trails and Huts

There has been an increasing awareness of the deteriorating condition of the trails, main contour path and huts in the Maloti-Drakensberg Park overseen by Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife.

In an ideal world, the trails and huts would be in perfect condition, however, with the shortage of funding made available to Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife some of the trails and huts are sadly falling into disrepair. So what can be done and what can we all do?

Some initiatives are running, for example, the Pine Tree Project to eradicate invasive pines in the Drakensberg and an initiative to rehabilitate the contour path spanning the Maloti-Drakensberg Park is underway. All such endeavours are admired.

There are many hikers who have expressed a desire to be involved in assisting with the maintenance of the trails and huts. We at DrakensbergHikes.com would like to assist via our social media pages, website and physical effort in repairing some of the trails and huts if Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife allows us.

If you have in mind a practical revamp solution for your favourite slice of the Drakensberg, please email us at info@drakensberghikes.com we will work on coordinating approval from Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife and request support from our social media following.

Meander Hut, Giants Castle, Drakensberg
Meander Hut, Giants Castle

Featured Hike

Roman Baths Trail Drakensberg
Image by Treverton College
Roman Baths Trail A little gem of a hike, not too many people know about. This is an easy hike of 5.9 km’s starting from the trout dams at Kamberg Nature Reserve.

A hike has a very moderate uphill on the way of 183m. Roman Baths is a great spot for a family outing, a swim and lunch on the side of the river.

If you venture into one of the little valleys the other side of the river bushman paintings may also to be found.

The gpx track can be downloaded here.


Featured Accommodation

Kamberg Nature Reserve Drakensberg

Kamberg Nature Reserve

Excellent accommodation, trout fishing on your doorstep and great day hikes for the family.

There are five 2-bedded modern thatched chalets, one 5-bed rustic cottage, one 6-bed rustic cottage and Stillerust Cottage as options. To book online go to the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife booking page here.

Our favourite is the 6-bed rustic cottage. More details about Kamberg Nature Reserve and directions can be found here.