Welcome to a deep mountain experience that will take your breath away and leave a lasting memory for you to cherish!

Situated between Champagne Castle Hotel and the Monks Cowl entrance, Highbourne is part of the Drakensberg World Heritage Site. United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) declared the Drakensberg a world heritage site on two counts. Firstly, as a result of the fact that it contains approximately 30,000 examples of San or Bushman rock art. This region is thus the largest repository of rock art in the world.

Secondly, the accolade was achieved because of this mountain range’s unique fauna and flora.

Highbourne Cottages are tucked away in the Monk’s Cowl area in the Central Drakensberg. The cottages are off grid but still offering modern comforts with our water source coming from a spring high up in the mountains.

Highbourne is the perfect place to unwind. Our garden is full of birdlife with access to many walking trails from the property. We are centrally located so that all the local shops and restaurants are a short drive away.

Your perfect getaway….