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This must be the warmest winter in many years and snow in the Drakensberg mountains has been scarce. We saw a little early on in May during a hike in the Southern Berg. We then spent a week in the Eastern Cape hiking the Wild Coast, I don't think they have a winter!

More recently we spent a warm week in Limpopo, the mornings were mildly cool and refreshing. Back to the beautiful Drakensberg mountains and still no real winter. Climate change is real.

Winter Trek up Bannerman Pass - Nicola Freitas
A three day circular hike from Giant's Castle camp to Bannerman Hut on day one; 10km and 690m elevation gain. Day two is a steep hike up Bannerman Pass to Bannerman Cave; 5km and 980m elevation gain and day three is a hike along the escarpment and down Langalibalele Pass back to Giant's Castle camp; 12km and 1400m elevation loss.

For more info about hiking to Bannerman Hut and up Bannerman pass read this article.

Featured Hike
Caracal Cave - Highmoor

Highmoor holds some of the fondest memories of time spent with family and friends. If planning to visit the Drakensberg for the first time with the family or in search of beautiful, quiet and relaxing time in the Drakensberg then this is for you.

Caracal Cave easily accommodates 8 people (12 with children) and is approximately 5.2 km's from the Highmoor Reserve parking area. This is an easy hike to the Cave and a bit of a climb back to the parking area, the kids will love the day out.

We recommend staying the night in the cave. Water supply is seasonal, although water flowing over the top of the cave has been seen in winter months when there has been a wet summer. The cave is well sheltered from strong winds and rain and there is plenty exploring to do from the cave.


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