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Hiking Clubs

Are there any hiking clubs I can join that do hikes in the Drakensberg?

There are two well known and respected hiking clubs we can recommend. You can join either or both. Explore the Drakensberg with an experienced, knowledgeable leader in whom you can place your confidence and trust.


1. Mountain Backpackers Clublogo default

To become a member of the Club the cost is R290 per single person or R370 per family per annum.

The hiking club offers the following:

  • The Club has a core of experienced, knowledgeable leaders in whom you can place your confidence and trust.
  • We welcome members of all ages and abilities.
  • We offer several activities each week, catering for a wide range of abilities.
  • Members receive a quarterly magazine containing a fixture list and other useful information.
  • Beginners can hire equipment while they decide what is best for them to purchase for themselves.
  • Members qualify for discounts at leading outdoor equipment suppliers.
  • Regular talks and presentations by guest speakers allow you the opportunity to learn from their knowledge and experiences.


mcosa kzn2. The Mountain Club of South Africa - KwaZulu-Natal Section

The annual membership fees vary from R135 to R520.

The hiking club offers:

  • Regular hiking meets in the Drakensberg and elsewhere.
  • Regular climbing meets in KZN and throughout SA.
  • Regular sport and competition climbing events.
  • Privileged access to a significant number of Club-owned properties country-wide, most of which are in wild, isolated and incredibly scenic locations.
  • Exclusive use of Cambalala house on Mikes Pass.
  • Reduced fees for, and access to, other huts owned by the Mountain Club of SA throughout the country.
  • Reduced climbing competition entry fees (for some events).
  • Social and slide/video evenings in Durban and PMB.
  • Access to Mountain Club libraries both in Durban and around the country.
  • Opportunities to attend national and international mountaineering events.
  • The national MCSA body to whom we are affiliated is a member of the world mountaineering body, the UIAA. This provides club members with a growing range of priviledges internationally, through reciprocity agreements.
  • High quality quarterly newsletters.
  • Professional, hardcover journal.


Featured Hike


Langalibalele Pass Hike (by Jonathan Newman)

If you want to hike up a Drakensberg pass and you haven't yet joined one of the hiking clubs above, or you and your friends feel like adventure awaits and you want to try hiking up a pass. This is the hike for you!

This pass is one of the easiest routes to the Drakensberg Escarpment. It tops out between the Sanqebethu and Durnford ridges. With a good path along the entire route and no exceptionally steep sections. This route is suitable for beginners, or fast-and-light day hikers provided they are fit and sufficiently knowledgeable.

A full hike report on how to get to Giants Castle (your starting point) and detailed directions with pictures has kindly been written by Jonathan. Jonathan has probably done the pass more than most people.

hike Langalibalele

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