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Hiking Checklist

We have compiled a comprehensive hiking checklist to assit you on your hike, be it a day hike or overnight hike. This checklist highlights the ten essential items that every hiker should carry. The food suggestions are our personal favourites from many hikes over the years, a little bit of luxury we think is deserved when hiking through these magnificant mountains.

Before you go on any hike no matter how easy or short make sure your backpack has the ten essentials.

When hiking you are responsible for your own safety and any one of these ten items may help to save your life. The total weight of your backpack will vary but should not be more than 20% of your bodyweight and 15% for children.

The hiking checklist can be read and downloaded here...


Featured Hike & Accommodation


Sehlabathebe National Park Lodge

It's not often you have the option to hike to a lodge in Lesotho. Your hike starts at Bushman's Nek and it's 20km to the lodge with an elevation gain of just over 1km.

Along the route you go past Cedric's Pool, Tarn Cave, Irish Cave and what is known as Jonathan's Lodge (this lodge is being converted to a Museum). Once you reach this old lodge, you have the option of walking along the "road" which keeps to the mountain contours or a path (not always visible) which is more direct.


The lodge can accommodate up to 40 people (18 rooms) on a self-catering basis. Camping with separate ablutions within the Lodge is also available. Contact details are +266 5899 7307 (Mabari Lebamang).

The rates are R250 per person per night. The phone number above is the only way to currently make a booking, no emails are guaranteed to be received due to the remoteness of the location. You need to take your passport and get it stamped at Bushman's Nek before starting your hike and on your return.


The gps track for this hike can be downloaded here. This gps track shows the "short cut" instead of going along the "road" from Jonathans lodge. If you feel unsure or it is misty then rather walk along the road to the lodge after reaching Jonathans lodge.

The gps track if used and hike is at your own risk as per our standard disclaimer.


Featured Activity

drakensberg canopy tour

Drakensberg Canopy Tour

What can we say, your adrenelin level definitely goes up, yes it's a bit scary and yes it's a lot of fun. Something people of all ages should try at least once. I did the canopy tour with my children and it was an absolute thrill, kids are fearless and keep us parents going till the end.

The guides are friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable making the experience something you will never forget!

Boasting Africa’s first elevated rock face walkway with a good mix of both cliff face and treetop platforms, and cable slides over the forest up to 60 metres high, the Drakensberg Canopy Tour® must automatically go to the top of your “must do” list.

The inspiring nature of the majestic Drakensberg, the ancient indigenous forest, waterfalls and the cascading stream make this an opportunity not to be missed.



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