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Hiking Tents


The number of manufacturers and options when it comes to a hiking tent are seemingly endless and which is the "best" tent generally ends up being a personal preference.

Our favourite is the Berghaus Peak 3.3 Pro Tent. The full specs can be viewed here.

What makes this our tent of choice (we are not sponsored or paid, this is a personal opinion) is detailed below and will hopefully assist you when deciding on what to look for when buying a hiking tent.

  • A 3-man tent that only weighs 2.9kg's (thus less than 1kg per person) with lots of space for 3 backpacks to also fit inside.
  • 5000mm hydrostatic head and ground sheet. You won't find many tents that go above 3000mm.
  • The tent has withstood winds in excess of 80km/h on the escarpment top (pic below shows the tent in 80km/h winds).
  • It is a warm tent and copes well in the cold winter months.
  • It only takes 5 minutes to pitch the tent.
  • The tent can be pitched in the rain and the inside section stays 100% dry (double wall tent).
  • Three colour coded lightweight alloy poles that can easily be replaced if damaged.

Which tent do you have or would you buy?


Featured Hike

corner pass copy


Mafadi/Ntheledi peak is the highest peak in South Africa @ 3450m. The original Sotho name Ntheledi meaning "Makes me slip", refers to the nearby stream and it is considered by some to be a more relevant and correct name.

This is a 3 or 4 day hike and you need to be fit for this one.

The most common route is to Centenary Hut on day one and then up Corner Pass or Judge Pass on day two. Sleep at Injisuthi Summit Cave (upper Injisuthi Cave) and summit Mafadi early on day three and then hike down Leslie's Pass and sleep at Marble Baths Cave. A short hike on the final day back to Injisuthi Campsite. The total hike is roughly 45km and 2.5km elevation gain.

If planning to do this hike a guide is recommended. Hiking Guides can be viewed here and some of the scheduled guided hikes offered by hiking guides can be viewed here.


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