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Bambanani school is one of the schools in our Proud Schools Project.

It is a small school with 420 pupils and is situated in the Northern Berg on the Dukuza road which runs from Bergville, behind Woodstock Dam and joins the Royal Natal road.

There is no signboard to the school and it is off the main road, on a beaten track that looks as if it may just lead to some houses.

The principal is incredibly enthusiastic and takes a great deal of pride in his school.

The school was rebuilt many years ago and only one of the old classrooms remains but is in a shocking state.  A look at the photographs below shows how the school grounds and gardens have been steadily improved over the last few years.

DSCF0194 small


Bambanani a few years ago small


Bambanani D1

 Bambanani c 1

Bambanani 2 1

Bambanani 2018 1


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